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We are proud to announce that Sunvista has passed the PAS24; 2012 Enhanced security performance requirements for door sets and windows and is the only minimally framed sliding door system available in the UK to have achieved this standard.


Interlocking frame size Sunvista 19mm (¾”) wide interlocking profile.

Compass Glass Ltd has been trading since 1991. We are a south London based company specialising in structural and frameless glass installations in the high end residential sector. We are able to provide frameless glass roof-lights, walk-on if required, glass beams and columns, framed or frameless glass facades, fire screens, structural glass conservatories or boxes and any variety of bespoke glass installations to suit your needs. However, we now have news of an excellent new product that we are able to offer.

We are extremely proud to announce the introduction of the superb Sunvista, virtually frameless, glass sliding door system to our range of products.

The perimeter frames can be concealed within the surrounding structure to create a flush finish on all faces including the base track. The interlocking profiles are only 19mm (¾") wide on face, as can be seen in the image to the right.

The Sunvista system has been developed specifically with the UK market in mind. Virtually every component is sourced from a UK company and all manufacturing is carried out within the UK.

Excellent thermal performances are achieved because the 32mm thick insulating units have a centre pane 'U' value of only 1.1W/m²K.

Security is obviously a vitally important issue and each sliding element that is lockable will incorporate a key operated, multiple locking system with three secure locking points. This will comply with most UK insurance company requirements for sliding glass doors.

The recessed base track contains an integral drainage chamber system that can, if required, be connected to a Sunvista proprietary gutter.

The system is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

Please visit our FAQ section for more information.

You are welcome to visit our showroom in south London (by prior appointment) to view the system working and to discuss your requirements.


View of a garden through a Sunvista glass door       View of a garden through a typical glass door

Above are scaled, two-dimensional simulations based on an opening 4500 x 2500mm of the same garden scene as viewed through Sunvista with its 19mm interlocking sections and, by way of comparison, a typical sized aluminium framed bi-folding door screen. Which view would you prefer to look through? Sliding doors, in particular Sunvista, can capture more natural daylight than alternative door systems and will allow between 15 and 20% more daylight than typical bi-fold doors.